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Town and Country Planning Advocates for New Legislation


The Department of Towns and Country planning is advocating for a new legislation to support effective implementation of cities and towns planning schemes to avoid the creation of slums.
The Northern Regional Director of Towns and Country Planning (TCPD), Mr. Sylvester Gyogluu who expressed worry about the springing up of slums in towns and cities in the country said that a new legislation that will strengthen the department to enforce proper towns and cities planning is needed to deal with the slums phenomenon.
He said the department was not legally empowered effectively to carry out its duties to ensure proper planning of cities and towns. Mr. Glogluu said the local government Act 462 did not provide legislation backing enough to support the department in the implementation of its programmes.
He said “The 1975 ordinance did not give room for enough participation of the department in cities and town planning” and that new law when enacted will helped guide proper planning of cities and towns planning at the various MMDAs.
Mr. Sylvester stated this when he presented a paper on the current legal and institutional framework for spatial planning and implementation at the various Metropolitan, Municipal and Districts level at the Zonal Urban Forum for Northern sector in Tamale.
The spatial planning is aimed at creating quality living environments through planning in the urban and rural areas. The Regional Director said that city planning has become a multi-sectorial   issue and needs the active participation of the people.
He attributed the challenges facing the cities and towns planning to the movement of the department from one ministry to other ministry by various governments. ”The department has been moved seventeen times from one ministry to the other and nearly became non existence” Mr. Glogluu said.
The Deputy Northern Regional Minister, Hon. San Nasamu Asabigi called for effective collaboration between the media, the department of Towns and country Planning and politicians to help the modernization of cities and towns.  
Mr. Asabigi also urged stakeholders to support the modernization of towns and cities processes saying that every citizen has a stake in helping to deal with challenges faced cities and towns management and planning in the country.
The minister stressed that Ghana is noted for the formulation of good policies, but the implementations of such policies are always difficult. He therefore called for holistic approach to dealing with towns and cities planning to discourage the creation of slums.
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