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Vegetable farmers appeals for more dams in the northern region


Vegetable farmers in the northern region are expressing concerns over rampant sales of green belts in the Tamale metropolis.

The vegetable farmers say the situation is worrying and need attention by government. In expressing their fears, the vegetable growers said the seizure could deny them their livelihoods.

Demarcations can be seen in most vegetable farms in the Tamale metropolis which are normally lowland areas and sometimes flooded during rainy seasons.

However, developers are not perturbed about the consequences of disasters. The vegetable farmers are currently holding discussions with the Tamale metropolitan assembly and its development partners to assist them rehabilitate some dams including the one behind the water works to improve vegetable cultivation.

The only lands left for the vegetable farmers are those around few dams in the Tamale metropolis but is being threaten by the chiefs. One of the dams was the water works area dam which got broken in 1989.

The vegetable growers after the 89 disaster have been cultivating vegetables but indications are that, they may lose the area to developers as plot pillars start spring up there. ’’Lands that are earmark for green belts should left for vegetable farms’’ chairman of vegetable farmers association in the northern region, Salifu Abdul-Karim appealed.

The chairman has therefore appealed to chiefs in the region to consider opportunities in vegetable farming especially, among the youth and improved income it has on families.

The farmers are also appealing to government to construct more dams for irrigation of vegetables in the region.

He said is very difficult to get water in the dry season to water their compelling some of them to use pipe born water which is very expensive.


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