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Vodafone launch Healthline 255, access to health information for Ghanaians


Vodafone Ghana Foundation has launched Healthline 255, a Medical Call Center to help Ghanaians to ease the difficulties in seeking health care service from medical professionals. 

After succeeding in revolutionalising access to health information, Vodafone Ghana urged Ghanaians to take advantage and make good use of the healthline 255.

The center handles an average of 483 calls each day of the week since it started. The Center operates between the hours of 4pm and 10pm and is run by doctors and nurses with support of a special triage system.

This, Vodafone said will guarantees accurate medical advice and provides expert medical advice to people in need of quality health care from the convenience of their homes. A total of 7311 calls are recorded to have come through the healthline 255 call center.

The Chief Executive Officer of Vantage Medical Solutions and Director of Healthline 255, Dr. Byrite Asamoah said “Healthline 255 has come to satisfy a great medical need for Ghanaians by providing expert medical advice and health information that would help them make the best health decisions.

Everyday people make choices about their health from what they eat to whether or not to consult a doctor or practice self medication at home among others.

Through Healthline 255 people can now have access to critical information they need. According to Dr. Asamoah, “Being able to make good choices depends on having access to the best health information and advice and that is where Healthline 255 has added great value in contributing to the health of Ghana.”

Some of the common health cases reported to the doctors and nurses on Healthline 255 are; penile problems, rashes, abdominal pains, sexual problems and among others.

Healthline 255 is an extension of Vodafone Ghana’s award winning television programme, Healthline which recently won the CIMG award for the second year in a row as the ‘Best Television Programme of the Year’.


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