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WANEP-Ghana calls for the adoption of peace-building method to resolve conflict situations in Ghana


The biannual Early Warning National Human Security Alert of the West African Network for Peace Building (WANEP-Ghana) for the period January to June has identified disaster, chieftaincy tensions, politically motivated violence and armed robbery as the most threatening issues in the country.
The report which was generated through WANEP-Ghana online data base system in 22 pilot communities in 7 regions in Ghana is aimed at preventing, mitigating and preparing for violence and disaster strategies.
During the period, the system recorded 140 incidents with 86 being the four highlighted incidents; indicating a 61 percent score.  The report also found that, disaster related issues posed the most threat to the population within the period under review with motor bike accidents being highest with a total of 71 deaths and 72 persons injured.
A total of 130 deaths were also recorded in disaster related incidents leading to human casualties and 1,697 injuries. The report further reveals that a total of 21 chieftaincy related incidents were recorded out of 86 cases during the period representing 24 percent.
It said out of 43 violent incidents, 10 were related to be the most violent with one death and 4 injuries. The violent incidents,according to WANEP-Ghana, are under the protracted tensions between factions and the influence of politicians on chieftaincy institution for political gains.
It is against this background that WANEP-Ghana is appealing to government, the national peace council, Regional Security Committees (REGSECs) and District Security Committees (DISECs)to adopt peace-building method to resolve the numerous conflict situations under their jurisdictions.  It also urged regional house of chiefs as well as parliamentary selectcommittee on chieftaincy to expedite action and find lasting solutions to existing protracted chieftaincy disputes.
WANEP-Ghana called on international institutions and the Civil Society Groups to increase communications, transportation and ammunition detection capacities of the security agencies as well as support the police with bulletproof uniforms and equipment to enable them to be more effective.
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