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We are not on strike-MMT N/R Manager


Contrary to some section of the media report that, workers of Metro Mass Transit (MMT) Ltd are on a nationwide sit down strike, workers in the northern region are working. The decision of the workers not to join their colleagues in other regions was taken by the management, junior and senior union members of the company on Monday in Tamale.

The union both junior and senior met on January 9, 2015 and came out with four points resolutions including procurement of spare parts. The union demanded that the Holland Company supplying the buses should be allowed to be supplying the company with quality spare parts.  

They express lack of confidence with the board chairman and demanded that he should be dismiss.

The divisional union of the company also told management that they cannot longer work with the deputy managing director.

 They also want major supplier of spares to be pay on time to enable them supply relevant items for the operations of the company.

 But the Northern Regional Manager of Metro Mass, Mr Abdul Malik Ibrahim in an interview with Zaa News said Tamale office cannot join their colleagues because the regions have different peculiar problems.

He explained that the company sold out advance tickets to passengers and cannot let them stranded. “Yesterday we sold tickets to passengers, how are refunding their money to them’’ Mr Ibrahim asked?. He continued; we are here to serve our people and we will try our best.   

On the recent media reports that nine (9) Metro Mass buses in Tamale office disappeared, Mr Ibrahim said all the buses were duly auction base on the technical advice and pay off at the company’s head office in Accra. He said the buses were examined by the company technicians and workshop managers who recommended for the buses to be sell.

According to him, a bus cannot be sale without the necessary procedures and refuted claims that the metro mass buses went missing in Tamale.  



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