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’’We can’t continue dissipating our scarce resources on needless conflict’’-N/R minister


The Northern Regional Minister, Bede Ziedeng has underscores the importance of peace and unity towards achieving government’s developmental projects in the country.  He therefore commended chiefs and opinion leaders for their efforts in ensuring peace in the northern region.

Mr Ziedeng said in spite of the few flash points and occasion eruptions of in the region, largely there is a relative peace in the region.

’’In all of our efforts as government we recognized first and famous that peace and unity are very important in achieving our desire goals; Mr Ziedeng stated’’.

Addressing retire civil servants and service men at the 53rd Republican day celebration, now known as senior citizens day, the minister appealed to the senior citizens to use their influence in the society to urged people who believe in the use of violence to back down and resort to dialogue in resolving disagreements while security agencies continue to be alert deal with any miscreants.

He said the region still have the age long Dagbaon stalemate and few others, but was quick to add that with hard work he the region will be able to resolve it. ’’We cannot continue to dissipate our scarce resources and energy in needless conflicts’’; the harm has been quiet enormous on this region and everyone must give peace a chance’’ and that people must begin to give the region a new brand for investors to come and do business with us Mr Ziedeng urged.   


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