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'Wizard widow' appeals for help



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A 38-year-old widow, Bikpeta Ejo Nyan, of an alleged wizard has appealed to government and philanthropists to assist her take care of her four children. The widow says life has become difficult for her and the children after the demise of her husband. 

The alleged Wizard was accused two years ago by Dakikani community in the Yendi municipality and was banished from the community. 

He left with his family to their fate after he was accused of being responsible for someone’s death in the area. 

However, three months after moving to the alleged witch camp which houses both men and women accused of witchcraft in ŋaani Tindang community, Mr Ejo Nyan died living behind the widow and four children. Life, the widow said, after her alleged wizard’s death became tougher with her four children and her younger sister. 

ŋaani Tindang community has over four hundred inmates of alleged witches mainly the aged. She acknowledges the effort by the chief priest, Alhassan Shei in accommodating and protecting them but says government needs to step in.  

Narrating her current predicament to Zaa News, Madam Bikpeta said inmates in the community are only given a few portions of the land within the community for the cultivation of vegetables. 

Madam Bikpeta said the accusations of spiritually killing need serious attention by human rights activists, policy makers and traditional authorities  to save innocent lives such as her husband who she said didn’t even have a ‘paracetamol’ to reduce the temperature of a sick person.  

The widow is also worried that her younger sister who is putting up with her and her dream of becoming a nurse will be a mirage if she does not get support. 

Bidoon Doris Pusong who completed Sabare JHS in the Zabzugu district this year and is now awaiting her results, aims to be a nurse but where to get school fees to continue her education remains a million dollar question for her and her widow sister. 

Speaking to Zaa News, Bidoon Doris Pusong is therefore making passionate appeal to benevolent organizations and philanthropists to come to her aid to accomplish her ambition of becoming a nurse to save lives of Ghanaians.  The scattered mud houses are plastered with cowdugs  and sometimes  floored with the cowdugs.

Meanwhile, ActionAid Ghana, a nongovernmental organization says it will continue to empower inmates in all alleged witch camps in the northern region to know their fundamental human rights as enshrined in the 1992 constitution. 

The NGO said, like many camps it has supported over years in the region, it will continue to assist inmates of alleged witch camps to also enjoy their rights as citizens of Ghana. 

Programs Officer of ActionAid Ghana, Alia Mumuni told Zaa News that through vigorous capacity building and advocacy, inmates can now demand basic social amenities from district assemblies to enhance their lives. 


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