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Woman collapses in Warizehi after seeing armed military


A middle-aged Woman collapsed in the early hours on Friday  in Warizehi, a suburb of the Tamale metropolis after seeing armed military and police officers in the area. She was rushed to the Tamale Central Hospital for medical treatment.

The woman, according to an eye witness, came out from her house and saw the armed men who cordoned off the area without any violent disturbances last night.

The armed military and police were in the area to protect an official of the assembly mandated to mark structures such as household latrines, shops and bakery.

These structures are situated in a controversial territory demarcating  Moshi Zongo and Warizehi to pave way for access road construction. The residents in the area accused the metropolitan Chief Executive for Tamale of using the security to terrorize them.

They likened the action of the assembly, Friday  morning, to a Hollywood style. “How can you bring armored cars and armed military to mark houses and structures you claim are illegal,” a resident questioned? The residents have also accused assembly of intentionally diverting the original road in the area to satisfy their interest.

The residents are protesting that the link road from Bachi Kunyangdoo’s mosque to a popularly house called Sapaglongyili along Kumbungu road was not in the original plan and insisted that the assembly is dodging demolishing of about five houses because of lack of funds to compensate owners of those houses.

Three communities including Moshe Zongo, Tishegu and Salamba are benefiting from Ghana Urban Management Pilot Project (GUMPP) to improve their drainage system, create access roads and improve lighting system. However, residents say they are not against development but that the assembly should be fair to them and avoid trying to satisfy others.

Responding to the claims of the residents the Tamale Metropolitan Chief Executive, Hanan Abdul Rahman Gundado refuted the residents’ claim and emphasized that the assembly’s intension is to construct a road to properly demarcate the area. 


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