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Wulinsi chief wins best farm award


The Chief of Wunlisi tradition area in the Nanumba South district, Naa Salifu Wumbei has been adjudged the best northern regional farmer for 2014. The 60 years old Naa Salifu Wumbei went home with a tricycle, bags of fertilizer, wellington boots, radio set, peace of cloths and other farm inputs.

Speaking to Zaa News, Naa Salifu Wumbei urged his colleague farmers not to farm isolation but rather liaise with agric extension agents in their districts for technical advice on best farming practices.  The regional best farmer also expressed regret about low level of youth interest in farming which he said starts from basic schools in the country.

He explained that, pupils at the basic schools in the country are not taught properly about agricultural and they grew up tagging it as either dirty work or illiterate’s profession.

 The Wulehi Naa, thanked ministry of food and agriculture and the government for recognizing his contribution in the agriculture sector. ’’You have to be with agric extension agent and take their advice so that can produce good yields’’ the best farmer advised.

Sab-NAA Wumbei who received the award on behalf of, Naa Salifu Wumbei, observed that the youth involvement in farming is very low. ’’Any time teacher ask pupils their future carriers, they mention, doctors, teachers and other profession and none of them will mention farming’’ it’s worrying he adds. This, he said must be look at critically by policy makers and stakeholders in education.

The Tamale Metropolitan Chief Executive, Hana Gudadow Abdul Rahman in called for an end to the practice where agricultural lands are given out to residential developers.

The mayor said, Tamale was fast developing and many of agricultural lands are given out for residential developers and expressed fears that, the metropolis will someday lose all agricultural lands.

He therefore appealed to chiefs as owners of the lands to be careful in the way they give out of lands. Addressing the gallant farmers, northern regional minister, Alhaji Mohammed-Muniru Limuna noted that, the region agriculture potential if harness can produce sufficiently to feed the whole Ghana. The region he said ranked so high in agricultural potential that, given the chance can produce sufficient to feed the whole nation.

Northern region constitute one-third of the country’s land mass of which 90$is suitable for production of most food staples which comprise cereals, legumes, root and tuber crops. The minister encourage the people practice backyard gardens.


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