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The Brave Young Journalist Who Resisted A Bribery Attempt

It takes raw nerves, fortitude and unyielding determination to bring down high level corrupt government officials.
They are protected at all stages either by bureaucratic red tape or by the reluctance of presidents to initiate swift action against them.

Emboldened by the protection unfairly extended to them, corrupt government appointees feel invincible, arrogant and on top of the world, until they come crushing down to earth. Then, they look pathetic, pitiful, worn out and very ordinary.

But our sympathies they do not deserve; every barb or insult, dirty name-calling and shaming directed their way, are apropos, justifiably appropriate.

All of which brings me to the very troubling and damning case of former minister of state in the office of the president, Mr. Rockson Bukari.

Mr. Rockson was reportedly let go, sacked by the President after allegedly trying to bribe a young, enterprising reporter, Richard Adeti to kill a news story about the nefarious activities of Chinese miners in the Upper East.

As the reports have it, Mr. Adeti bravely and admirably rejected the sumptuous and tempting 5000 Ghana cedis bribe and proceeded to tape his conversation with Mr. Rockson. That was the crucial evidence that cut Mr. Rockson down to size, effectively nailing him.

And the former minister would want Ghanaians to believe the false narrative he relentlessly pushed ever since the tape surfaced, but Ghanaians know a fishy deal when they smell it.

Mr. Rockson tried to be a shill for the Chinese who have a worldwide reputation for despoiling the environment wherever they go, and he was caught. It was morally repugnant for Mr. Rockson to engage in this act.

Come to think of it, his action was an affront to the people of his region and by extension the Ghanaian population, whose environment was going to be put at the mercy of unscrupulous Chinese miners, to be plundered and raped.

I wonder what Mr. Rockson was thinking when he tried unsuccessfully to grease Mr. Adeti’s hands with 5000 Ghana cedis.

In these days of mass media communications, whatever you do or say is either secretly taped or videoed and pushed into the public domain, ultimately ruining your good name and hard-earned reputation.

Mr. Adeti should be commended for defying temptation and doing the right thing. That is what journalism should be all about, that is, exposing the rot at the top and bringing those responsible to account.

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