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Young people must be creative in their thinking


The African field representative for Stephen Luis Foundation, Dr Sulemana  Abdulai is urging young people inspiring to leadership position to be creative in their thinking in order to become responsible future leaders. 
He said leaders in Ghana must adopt what he called inclusive style instead of excusive way of leadership which is creeping into Ghana and Africa as whole. 
According to him leadership in Ghana has been divided on political lines which he said do not ugur well country like Ghana.
Dr Abdulai stated this at the opening ceremony of a four day Baobab Conference on Youth Leadership for over 360 students from various Senior High Schools drawn from the three northern regions in Nyankpala. 
He urged young people in Ghana, especially those from northern Ghana to work hard and respect elderly in the society to enable them achieve their aims and ambitions in life.
 He said ‘`leadership is not an end in itself; is a means to end’’ and that is good for leaders to seem to belong to some section of population.
“We  are developing a nation,  but  most of the time we are working with 50 percent of population and certain cases ten percent of the population  because leaders do not consider every one on the development agenda of the country devoid of their political and religious affiliations” he added.
Dr Abdulai who is a native of Savelugu entreat young people in region not see why they come from but what they want to achieved as future leaders.
 He encouraged young persons to learn from role models in various communities in order to become successful in their chosen carriers.
On the upcoming general elections, Dr Abdulai urged the young people in Ghana to listen carefully to the manifestos of the various political parties and make informed choices. He entreated electorates to consider the 2012 elections in what he term as ” agenda base elections rather than personalities or issues that would not bring food to table.
 The chief Executive Officer of AfriLead International organizers of the conference Mr Peter, Awin said his outfit are monitoring young people in Ghana, particularly those from the northern region and will award deserving young models and entrepreneurs for their exemplary roles in the society.
Mr. Awin mention An Accra base journalist who hail from northern region, Shamima Muslim and the Chief Executive Officer of rlg communications Rolland Aganbire  as those  to be awarded by his outfit for uplifting the image of northern region.
 Participants were taken through leadership skill training; networking among themselves, the need to be entrepreneurial oriented as well as concrete planning to help them developed their various communities.
The four day  youth leadership conference was supported by Campaign for Female Education,(CAMFED) Right to Play, ActionAid-Ghana, Youth Empowerment for Life Youth Alive and Institute of Local Government Studies.]]>

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