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Zaa fm security arrest 2motor bike syndicates


Two suspected motor bike syndicates in Tamale have been arrested and handed over to the Northern regional police by the security man of Zaa Radio, DawudaMusah after they attempted to unlock the staff motor bikes.

The suspects rode unregistered scooter motor bike into the yard. One of the suspects who was riding left his colleague with a master key to take any of the ‘Mapoka’ bikes parked in the compound. 

The suspects came into the yard at about 11:00 a.m. Tuesday during the General Meeting of Zaa fm staff. Explaining the circumstances to Zaa News, DawudaMusah said while he was upstairs he saw the guys inside looking strange.

He became suspicious and took guard to monitor their movement closely. He said, one of the suspects pulled out a key and inserted it into a staff’s Luojiamotor bike which prompted him to raise alarm.

After interrogation by the Chief Executive Officer of Zaa Radio, Alhaji Mohammed Umar who was chairing the meeting, it emerged that the suspects had no business at the premises of the station.

Last year in September, two Zaa staff brand new Mapoka motor bikes were stolen inside the company’s yard.  Angry victims of the stolen motor bikes in Tamale who heard about the arrest massed up at the premises to mete out injustice to the suspects. 

They demanded the release of the suspects so that they could deal with them. But for the timely intervention of the police, the suspects would have been lynched.

Some angry residents who trooped to Zaa to catch a glimpse of the alleged motor bikes thieves blamed the management of Zaa Radio for not handing the suspect to them but rather to police. They vowed to mete out injustice to motor bike thieves.



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