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Sheini Iron Ore; Government To Set Cooperation To Supervise Mining

The government has announced its decision to set up an Iron and Minerals Development Authority/Cooperation.

The yet to be established authority according to government will supervise the activities of exploration and extraction of natural resources in the Northern, Savanna and North Eastern Regions.

It is expected to make the eastern corridor a viable commercial area when mining of the iron ore at Sheini community commences in full gear.

The government’s decision follows recommendations from the Ghana National Petroleum Commission(GNPC) 2018 feasibility studies carried out in the region.

In the last quarter of 2018, heavy mining equipment with modern technology were seen all over the north excavating for natural minerals.

The studies, according to government, indicated that the northern region is endowed with mineral deposits which has not been utilized to the benefit of the people in the north and the country at large.

Northern Regional Minister, Mr Salifu Saeed who disclosed this to Zaa Weekend Program ‘ Behagu Maligu Saha’ said the NPP government’s promise of  constructing a railway line from Tema in the greater Accra region  to Paga in the Upper East will pass through Sheini in the Tatale/Sangule district of the northern region.

Exploration of iron ore at Sheini

The minister was hopeful that the next Ghana Standard and Living Survey which focuses on the poverty levels in the regions would place them in a lower position compared to previous years.

Mining of iron ore and natural minerals in the region would provide sustainable jobs for the indigents of that area and eventually stop young people migrating from the north to south in search non-existing jobs.

The district shares boundaries with Togo to the east, Yendi district to the west, Nanumba to the north, Nkwanta district to the South, and Saboba district to the north.

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