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Anybody can be a victim of gas disaster-NPA CEO.



The National Petroleum Authority (NPA), has warned fuel station managers and owners to stop using their stations as lorry parks.

According to the NPA, operators engaging in such practice should either convert their fuel stations to lorry parks or have them closed down.

The NPA’s warning forms part of the its National Safety Campaign and comes on the heel of numerous fuel and gas stations fire incidents that claimed several lives and destroyed properties.

Addressing journalists in the northern region, the Chief Executive Officer of the Authority, Mr. Hassan Tampuli expressed concern about the countless gas and fuel stations explosions across the country.

Mr Tampuli a made passionate appeal to owners and managers of fuel and gas stations to adhere to the basic safety guidelines from the authority.

The NPA CEO also cautioned fuel stations managers to insist that pump attendants ensure that motorists shut off their engines when buying fueling. “Some people do not observe safety protocols during discharge of gas,” Mr Tampuli said

The liquified petrol gas (LPG), he explained, must be loaded up to 85%, but beyond that he warned, it can cause a disaster. Responding to concerns about the NPA’s  commitment to addressing fire disasters, he said that the NPA does not benefit from reports on fire disasters because the committees were put up by different organizations and not the Authority.

Mr Tampuli, however, assured Ghanaians that the NPA will not hide any fire report from the media and Ghanaians.

On the setting up of fuel stations, Mr Tampuli said the NPA is challenged in dealing with existing fuel stations citing Article 107 8 B, talks about tax. And he stressed that parliament has to come out with directives.He reaffirmed the NPA’s commitment to making sure that operators in the industry adhere to safety measures by monitoring their activities through its zonal offices.

The NPA Boss expressed worry over current LPG usage which stands at 23%. The NPA, Mr Tampuli explained, has asked the administration to issue permits to people to up set fuel stations in the country.

He explained that stakeholders have put together guidelines to ensure the safety of both consumers and industry players. New fuel stations, he said, must be 500 meters away from old fuel stations and LPG must placed be 1000 meters away from existing ones.

Again, fuel stations the NPA said, need to be situated 20 meters away from Northern Electricity Distribution Company transformers and high tension poles.


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