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Mr. Martin Amidu, the political misfit and perpetually angry man.


Will somebody please tell Mr. Martin Amidu to pipe down, to reduce the harsh rhetoric and or better still, will someone urge the political misfit to take a long vacation from the seemingly endless chaos surrounding him, at least for a change?

He is constantly in the news not for anything positive in particular, but for taking on his perceived political enemies, ironically within his own party, the NDC.

To tell you the truth, I have never encoutered anyone so much in love with the spotlight as much as the former attorney general does.

Mr. Amidu just craves attention: and he swims merrily in the praise and adulation that are showered on him by a fawning media, his enablers, I would call them.  They have conferred on a him a nickname, “Citizen Vigilante” and he seems to revel in that moniker.

Egged on by a section of the Ghanaian population with ulterior political motives, who think he is fighting a good cause — calling attention to supposed corruption in high places —Mr. Amidu has been boisterous — loud and vociferous, almost to the point where his constant public musings about everything that is wrong with the NDC, have become ridiculous and insignificant.

Mr. Amidu, once the top law enforcement officer in the country in his role as the attorney general, is yet to realize the reputational damage he has inflicted on himself, and the deep divisions he has created in the NDC with his daily vituperation. He is a national embarrassment.

No one takes him seriously anymore, not least, those who have actively encouraged him to behave callously towards other high ranking members of  the NDC.

He has unwittingly become a pawn, a puppet in the political tag of war between the NDC and the NPP.

That Mr. Amidu had become a stooge was clearly on display during last year’s election campaign when he came out boldly against his own party and vehemently called for its ouster by Ghanaian voters.

It was a betrayal of enormous proportions, similar in many respects to Judas abandoning Jesus at the eleventh hour and Brutus betrayal of Julius Ceasar in ancient Rome.

With the NDC now firmly rooted in opposition, you would suppose that the time had arrived for Mr. Amidu to reevaluate his role in the party’s defeat and make amends.

But no, he is still making waves: in other words, he has not relented from fomenting trouble with his bombast and vile statements.

There is no doubt in my mind that Mr. Amidu is an angry, bitter man, given to unhinged outbursts; he is a bumbling hothead consumed with hatred, and he appears to be a man on a mission, to settle personal scores by disrupting the internal mechanisms of the party that he thinks has treated him unfairly.


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