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Tamale lacks a diverse workforce: International Service volunteers claims



Tamale, the northern regional capital, lacks a diverse workforce. Those not adequately represented in the workforce are women, Volunteers of the Regional Advisory Information Network Suggestion (RAINS) have revealed. This was disclosed over the weekend during the Zaa Weekend Education program, “Students and Career Choices.”

According to the Volunteers, many people in the northern capital, especially ladies are not entrepreneur oriented to become self employed. They explained that the inability of young girls to continue their education to the tertiary level that will earn them some gainful employment is resulting in unwanted pregnancies due to lack of sexual education.

RAINS is an organization which operates with the International Service (IS) Project with the view to improving the education of young people, especially young girls in the northern region through sex education and promoting safe sexual health practices.

The International Service Project which is also called “Safe Choices” together with (RAINS) is creating awareness on vital sexual issues and facilitating training sessions for non-traditional condom contributors.

This, the Volunteers of the International Service Project (ISP) said will be done with people who own business in communities such as Nantong-Kurugu, Zokuga, Langa, Nayorku and Gbimsi, all in the northern region.

The volunteers told the host of the Sunday Carrier Choice program, Fuseini Dawuda Neindow that time has come for people to begin thinking of how to become self employed which will strengthen them financially.

The ISP said it has started organizing sensitization forums in communities that have an identified high level of teenage pregnancy and low level of sexual health knowledge. On issues that compel young girls to drop out of school, the volunteers noted that early marriage, teenage pregnancy and the like are the serious factors that trigger school dropout, stressing that self-restraint, sexual education and the use of contraceptives should be encouraged among young ladies across the northern region and the entire globe as well.

By: Ibrahim Timtooni/

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