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Maintain discipline among yourselves; College principal tells graduates



The Principal of Tamale College of Education (TACE) Dr Sulemana Iddrisu has made a passionate appeal to graduates of the institution to maintain a high level of discipline among themselves in their respective precincts of operation.

He made the appeal during the fourth congregation ceremony of the College which was held in Tamale over the weekend. The congregation saw the graduation of six hundred and ninety six (696) students receiving diplomas in basic education.

Three cohorts of students made up of two hundred and forty-eight (248) diplomas in basic education regular for 2014, two hundred and forty-eight (248) regular DBE for batch 2015 and one hundred and sixty eight (168) from the untrained diploma in basic education. Graduates in general and science programmes were also awarded their certificate.

According to Dr. Iddrisu the graduates have duly completed their courses of study and satisfied the full requirements of TACE and the University of Cape Coast for the periods of 2014 and 2015 academic years respectively.

He added that the graduating students made different classes, which included five (5) first class students, eighty-four (84) second upper, one hundred and forty-five (145) second lower, forty-two (42) third class and two (2) passes for the 2014 academic year.

In the 2015 academic year, four (4) students scored first class including a female, eighty four (84) second upper, one hundred and thirty (130) second lower, thirty (30) third classes and no pass.

TACE, Dr. Iddrisu said has over the past two years, initiated an awards scheme purposely for recognizing hard work and excellence among students in various colleges of education.

He commended the authorities of the University Of Cape Coast for their dedicated efforts towards inculcating into students the habit of diligence in the various colleges of education, by organizing an awards scheme which forms part of one of the factors geared towards academic excellence.

He also congratulated the graduates, especially the awardees, on the fame they have brought to the institution of TACE.

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