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Tricycle operators kick against Tamale mayor’s directive to streamline their activities



Tricycle operators in the metropolis have kicked against the new metropolitan chief executive, Mr Iddrisu Musah Superior’s directive to streamline their operations.

The tricycle vowed not  to adhere to Mr Musah’s directive that, they removed altered seat on their machines which originally made for only four people plus the driver.

The mayor accompanied by members of the Metropolitan Security Committee (MESEC) took a walk beginning from the main bus terminal in Tamale through some congested streets such as Vodafone lane, Nyohini road to ascertain for themselves the true nasty nature of city.

During their rounds, the team met operators of tricycles and during their interactions it emerged that the operators had added additionally two seats to their tricycles. This did not didn’t go down well with mayor. He then instructed the Motor Traffic and Transport Department (MTTD) of the Ghana police to begin arresting operators who refused to remove seats.

Unhappy with the mayor’s instructions, have decided to declare a sit-down-strike Friday morning to register their displeasure.  A union chairman justifying the intended job action by tricycle operators explained to Zaa News that their reason for creating additional two seats was to enable them meet their daily 50 cedis serving. According to him, without additional two seats, they hardly break-even let alone make profit for either for themselves or for the owners.

The “yellow yellow” which came into the transport sector in Tamale some four years ago is originally designed for only four people plus the driver. Commuters have hailed its introduction which they say has reduced the transportation difficulties in urban and rural areas in the northern region.

Apparently emboldened by the enthusiasm of commuters, operators  decided to create additional two seats in front bringing the number of passengers they ferry around town to six.

Operators of tricycles have been heavily condemned by some section of the public especially taxi drivers who accuse them of driving without any legal backing to operate commercially. Taxi drivers have since been leading a charge for get law enforcement agencies to stop them from operating.

The taxi drivers have also accused tricycle operators of invading tax because they don’t have insurance and road worthy stickers on their machines, an accusation the operators flatly denied. Concern for many people is that so many minors including school children operate tricycles.

As part of city authorities long term plan, taxis will be moved to the Tamale main bus terminal while a different place is sought for the tricycles.

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