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Disband these vigilante groups now!


They — the two major political parties, the NDC and the NPP — were forewarned about their vigilante groups; the ubiquitous squads of young men they have recruited to provide security.

They were told in uncertain terms by security experts, commentators and other well-meaning Ghanaians that these young men pose a danger to our democracy. Put another way, the political parties were advised that the vigilante groups could be disruptive to our national stability and prosperity.

Yet, our politicians paid no heed; instead, they have become tone-deaf to the pleas and turned a blind eye to the strong-arm tactics of their vigilante squads.

Recent events involving a vigilante group closely aligned with the ruling NPP speak volumes about the audacity of these young thugs; they take the law into their hands and treat fellow citizens like common criminals.

Delta Force, a collection of vicious and surly unemployed young men masquerading as security enforcers, brutally manhandled a presidential appointee last week. Their victim was Mr. George Adjei, the newly appointed Ashanti Regional Security Coordinator.

It took the intervention of the Kumasi police to prevent what could surely have been a tragedy.

The reason advanced by the Delta Force thugs was as stupid as it was incomprehensible; Mr. Adjei isn’t a native of the Ashanti Region and therefore they could not work with him. Pure nonsense.

The actions of Delta Force left a sour taste in the mouths of thousands of residents of the Garden City who complained bitterly about the antics of the group. By viciously assaulting a government appointee, Delta Force crossed the line; the group broke the law.

This is not the first time this vigilante group has blatantly broken our laws and gotten away scotfree. A month ago, a uniformed police officer going about his duties was the victim of their senseless rage and physicality.

The officer was pounced on by the group and viciously assaulted right in front of the Flagstaff House.

Not only was the act brazen, it also highlighted the willingness of these vigilante groups to do as they please because they know the law will not be brought down heavily on them.

That these boys get away with “murder” —grievious crimes has much to do with the inability of our politicians to distance themselves from the vigilantes and cut them to size; it is a political paralysis of the highest order if you ask me.

Just witness the crass utterances of Mr. Ken Agyepong. This man has no decency. He is fully behind the Delta Force and has even threatened to demonstrate against the minister of

It is gratifying to note that the police in Kumasi are working hard to bring those who assaulted Mr. Adjei to book.

According to reports, 14 thugs have been arrested. The hope here is that these young men will be charged in a court of law and if found guilty punished to the fullest extent of the law.

This would undoubtedly send a clear message to other vigilante groups in the country; that they cannot abuse the rights of other citizens and think the government won’t act to protect innocent Ghanaians.

The only thing the NPP government should do as a matter of national security urgency is to take the much-needed step of disbanding all politically connected vigilante groups.

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  1. Ayiku Alex says

    Soon Ghana will turn into Nigeria. We are fighting the illegal miners who are spoiling our water bodies and distroying cocoa trees which is life blood of our economy .This issue of vigilantes have come to be part of us. During the elections, civil society were crying for president John Mahama’s administration to act, but due to their quest for votes decided to pay a death ear to the cry of the the people. Now the Npp led by President Akufo-Addo are finding it hard to control this vigilanty groups in their party. From Bolga to Accra the capital city have these groups disobeying the orders of the party top officials to stop what they call protecting the interest of the president. I don’t also blame them it depends on the promises they made to them before coming into office. How can they attack a sitting judge who reminded their colleagues into prison and free them at the court. The police could not even arrest single person from the delta force at the court today. Is a shame to mother Ghana and the sitting president. I rest my case.

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