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Denmark school relocates to Ghana to learn culture


imageA school with population 160 students from Denmark has been relocated to Dalun in the Kumbungu district of the northern region for a ten day cultural exchange program.

Led by 20 teachers, the students from the Hald Ege Efterskole school will interact with locals in Tamale, Kumbungu and their environs and in Cape Coast. The students divided themselves into groups upon arrival in Ghana to enable them visit most of the heritage sites in Cape Coast in the central region.

The students, during their stay will exchange ideas, values, relationships and sharing to better their lives. They are also expected during their stay to connect with each other through social media to share valuable ideas.

The students and their teachers as part of their activities visited the School for Life Literacy class sessions to familiarize themselves with what the investments the Danish government has made to support out-of-school pupils in Ghana.

The maiden Denmark students exchange program dubbed; ‘ Youth Rally’ was organized by Youth Empowerment for Life (YEFL) and the Ghana Friendship in Denmark (GV).

The Principal of Hald Ege Efterskole, Mr Eric Junker and his vice, Charlotte Stove, in an interview with Zaa News at Dalun Simli Center where the Danish students and their Ghanaian counterparts are engaging in art work, football games and other cultural activities expressed hope that their students will acquaint themselves with Ghanaian culture.

The students hitherto had no idea about craft work and the social lives of the people in the northern region. Mr Junker stressed that his students will gain a lot of experience in Ghana.

Hald Ege Efterskole school is noted in Denmark for its sports talent.The law in Denmark, the vice principal said, mandates every child to have nine years of school starting at the age of six years which is total different from Ghana’s educational system.

She further explained that education is free from the lower level to the college level for everyone which is not the case in Ghana.

The visit according Ms. Stove was due to the differences that exist in both countries’ educational systems and exposing students to the two systems will enrich and broaden their knowledge and understanding of issues around the world.

The GV Program Coordinator, Lise Grauenkaer said the program’s aim is to expose the Danish students to a different culture. GV which has been working in Ghana with financial support from DANIDA has been explaining to the Danish people what their contributions are being used for, Grauenkaer stated.

According to Grauenkaer, the visit will make Danish schools aware of the  development problems and issues affecting the people in Ghana and how to solve them.

The GV has also established a teacher-exchange program where teachers from the school go to Denmark for three weeks to interact with their colleagues.

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