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Gov’t will religiously implement inclusive education: Minister of Labour and Employment emphasizes


Government has assured stakeholders in education in the northern region of its unreserved commitment in the implementation of the five-year plan of the inclusive education policy.

Government said even though there are genuine policy constraints in inclusive education in the area’s budget allocation, it will religiously play its role in the implementation of the policy.

Mr. Haruna Iddrisu, the Minister of Employment and Labour Relations, gave the assurance when he delivered a key-note address at a forum on the implementation of the inclusive education policy for key stakeholders in the northern region in Tamale.

The forum, organized by the Integrated Social Development Center (ISODEC), brought together district directors of education, civil society organizations, persons living with disabilities and some decentralized departments.

Mr. Iddrisu expressed gratitude to the Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) and ISODEC for their continued financial and technical support in inclusive education.

Mr. Iddrisu who also doubles as the member of parliament for Tamale South, mentioned policy limitation as one of the obstacles that promoted exclusive education in Ghana.

The labour minister, who tailored his address on three levels; policy, academic and political, mentioned recruitment and employment without financial clearances. He said this has constituted a financial burden on the government which has to make these payments.

Speaking on inclusive education, the Tamale south legislator was not happy about instances where the school environment itself promoted exclusion making references to hostility of some teachers towards school children.

While assuring the stakeholders of the government of president John Mahama commitment to implementing the five years policy plan, he cautioned regional directors to be mindful about the implementation in areas of the country where deprivation and underdevelopment are prevalent.

“There are genuine policy constrains to Ghana’s inability to achieve inclusive education. How much budget allocation have we provided for special education, how much budget allocations in the last ten years have been given schools which under take training on disability?” the labour minister quizzed.

The minister said policy limitations have promoted exclusion education in Ghana, adding that government would assume responsibility and take immediate remedial steps to correct tense wrongs.

Programs Coordinator of ISODEC Madam Agnes Ganda educational sector focused on children with disabilities. Madam Ganda said cultural beliefs in the northern region compel parents to hide children with disabilities which is detrimental and a violation of their rights.

She explained that district directors needed to be educated on policy to enable them factor in their planning and budgeting process as well as carrying out mapping and screening of such children.

ISODEC, she said, is also urging traditional leaders to educate their subjects on the need to embrace children with disabilities to ensure that they are not discriminated against.

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