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There is no freeze on employment says labour minister



Government has mounted a strong defense of its relationship with the International Monitoring Fund (IMF) that has sparked controversy over job creation in Ghana.

It discounted claims by rival political parties and civic society groups that its relationship with the IMF has compelled to place a ban on recruitment and employment in all sectors.

The labour and employment minister, Mr Haruna Iddrisu said the impression being created that government has frozen employment because of its relationship with the IMF is baseless.

At the government level, the labour minister said the recommendation is that Ghana a Education Service avoids G.E.S recruitment without express financial clearance.The labour minister dismissed what he described as a very worrying and erroneous impression being created that government’s relationship with the IMF has placed a ban on the recruitment and employment of Ghanaians.

The minister sought to reassure stakeholders that government is working with the G.E.S, to pay teachers on time.

“I was part of the government negotiating team in Washington and education and health sectors were not affected by the government relationships with the IMF,” the labour minister said.

Mr Haruna said potential workers of the G.E.S and the Ghana Health are not affected by government’s relationship with the IMF as some people want Ghanaians to believe.

Government, according to the labour minister, will continue to recruit because of a deficit in many areas, particularly in education and health, noting that there is no freeze on employment.

He attributed part of government recruitment challenges within the health sector to the human resource department of the health ministry. He said the HR department should focus on and give priority to persons who are not bonded instead of relying heavily on those persons who are trained and bonded.

Teachers concerns

On irregularities associated with the recruitment of teachers, Mr Haruna said evidence available during the validation exercise points to serious fraud. He said due diligence is needed on applications and certifications.

Over 30, 0000 teachers documents have been validated by the the fair wages and salary commission and the compensation department of the ministry of finance under the labour ministry watch found out that there was some discrepancies in some teachers documents.

Teachers kick against e-zwich payment system

The labour minister told district education directors from the 26 metropolitan, municipal and districts that he has requested the finance ministry and the controller and accountant general’s department to put a freeze on teachers being paid through the e-zwich system, subject to further consultation and education on the matter.

According to him, the leadership of the teachers union raised legitimate issues especially the availability and effectiveness of the machines in rural parts of Ghana.

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