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Young girls in the north urged to take the bull by the horns by working hard at their studies



Seventy (70) girls from four districts in the northern region have undergone life style training and dangers associated with force and early child marriage in Tamale.

The girls received the training during this Year’s ActionAid Girls Camp which was held at the Tamale Girls’ Senior High School (Pag Naa).

Thirty girls from Nanumba  north and south, and 40 from Tamale metro and the Sagnarigu districts were taken through courses during their week-long intensive education on child marriage in Tamale.

The children were taken through the causes, dangers and how to avoid child marriage which is common in most districts in the region. People from different professional backgrounds who went through difficulties before getting to where they are now took turns to encourage the youngsters to remain focused and steadfast towards their ambitions.

The Guidance and Counseling Officer at the Sagnarigu District Education office, Mr Andani Z. Abdulai encouraged the young girls to challenge themselves in all spheres of life.

Mr Abdulai also advised the young girls who he said are fortunate to have access to internet, to use it for academic purpose and avoid being influenced by their peers.

He reminded the girls that with determination and commitment, they can one day rise to the position of Ghana’s Electoral Commission chairperson, Mrs Charlotte Osei.

“Empower yourself academically now, and enjoy your life in future,” Mr Abdulai advised the young girls. Speaking on the theme: Girls Camp: Celebrating Girls Empowerment for Leadership, he urged young girls to empower themselves academically now or forget about the much touted empowerment.

The girls were also advised to either prolong their parents’ lives by performing well in school or shorten it by performing poorly. The girls told Zaa News they will relate the knowledge acquired to their colleagues and their parents for the betterment of their future.

The girls, particularly those from rural districts, were happy for the exposure and visit to important places such as the Tamale International airport.

According to the girls, force and child marriages were threatening their future and pleaded with their parents to consider the long time benefit first rather than the short time benefit.

The Public Relations Officer of the Ghana Education Service- Northern Region commended ActionAid Ghana for proving beyond reasonable doubt that it is committed to supporting girls’ education.

He charged the girls to give their parents value for the money they are investing in them today. Young girls must be assertive and be ready to tell teachers any time they go wrong, the education PRO advised.

The Senior Program Officer at Actionaid-Ghana, Ms Melody Azinim told Zaa News that the topics the girls went through will enable them improve themselves.

On parents who give out teenagers for marriage under the pretext of poverty, Ms Azinim said such practices are not the panacea for poverty.

Parents she said should support their children through school in order to close the poverty gap. ActionAid, she added, would continue to collaborate with stakeholders in their operational areas to help girls achieve their vision.

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