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Youth Employment Agency supports Community Police with bicycles



Five hundred and sixty-five members of the Community Police Assistance model of the Youth Employment Agency (YEA) in the norther region have been supported with brand new bicycles. The bicycles are to facilitate the members movement to their various duty posts in the region.

The acting chief executive of YEA, Mr Kwabena Beecham, who presented the bicycles to the beneficiaries in Tamale said, the agency has already procured 2000 bicycles for the first batch of CPA across the country. Mr Beecham said other beneficiaries in the other models will also be supported.

The agency, Mr Beecham added, is in the process of procuring one thousand six hundred bicycles for the second batch. One hundred thousand youth are expected to be employed under YEA by the end of this year.

Mr Beecham said, YEA data base currently has half a million Ghanaian youth who have applied for various jobs. The agency Mr Beecham added, is in the process of procuring training for 60,000 young people who applied.


The YEA CEO reiterated the agency’s commitment to providing the necessary tool for CPAs to make their work easy.

The agency, Mr Beecham said, cannot buy bicycles for all hundred thousand projected beneficiaries but will strategically provide the requisite resources needed to enhance their work.


The Board chairman of the Youth Employment Agency, Mr Samuel Jabanite emphasized the importance of transportation in any establishment.

The former Cheriponi MP said the agency will in future get beneficiaries other means of transport aside bicycles. Mr Jabanite preempted criticisms of giving the bicycles out to cronies and stated that the bikes were evenly distributed to CPAs without regard to their political alienation.

The Northern Regional Director of YEA, Mr Tanko Abdul Rashid appealed to beneficiaries to handle the bicycles with care because the agency is taking charge of its maintenance.

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