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N/R: Nurses urge to develop right attitude for quality health care delivery


A Nursing Officer Hajiah Ayishetu Issifu has called on nurses to develop the right attitude for quality health care delivery. She says the behavior of some nurses and midwives towards their clients and patients was bad and urged them to put up good behavior towards all patients and among themselves as professional and members of the GRNMA.

Hajia Ayishetu who was speaking at the celebration of International nurses day in Savelugu says members of the public had over the years complained about the attitude of nurses towards them as patients and visitors to hospitals, and stress the urgent need for attitudinal change.

”We need to change our attitudes towards each other and patients to redeem our image as nurses in the eyes of the public, let us, as nurses not treat people badly, because you will not be happy if someone treats you badly, she says.
The theme for this years’ celebration is; Voice to Lead – Invest in Nursing and Respect Rights to Secure Global Health,” is the theme for this year’s Nurses’ Day, as per World Health Organization.

Hajia Ayishetu says nurses and midwives owe it a duty and a responsibility to put a smile on the face of a patient. She says the ability of a nurse to do this will go a long way to help improve the health of a client.

She further advised young nurses to aspire for leadership positions in order to be able to influence decision-making in the field of healthcare. The Nursing Officer notes that nursing and midwifery were noble professions that should be practiced demonstrations of love, care, and compassion to all patients irrespective of their social, religious, or tribe.

Source: D. Walter

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