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Regular eye care is important- Principal Optometrist to public


A Principal Optometrist at Savanna Opticals, Dr. Daniel Opoku Gyamfi has advised the general public to have their eyes tested at least once in a year to prevent the incidence of cataract and glaucoma.

He said most of the blind cases are needless, and can be restored. He said prioritizing eye care would help identify potential diseases on time for effective treatment to prevent partial or total loss of vision. In Ghana, an estimated 230, 000 people are blind.

The major causes of blindness and low vision in Ghana are cataract reactive errors which accounted for 50 percent of the problem; trachoma 15 percent, glaucoma 15 percent, corneal scar five percent and other causes 15 percent.  

Poor eyesight or lost vision could hamper several activities of a person’s life ranging from daily chores to community interaction and work opportunities. Dr Dan gave the advice in an interview with Zaa news.

‘’If you look at eye care and causes of blindness about 80 percent of blindness is preventable, so why not take steps to prevent these avoidable blindness’’, he stressed.

Ghana joined the world to celebrate World Sight Day on Thursday, October 14 to create awareness on the need for stakeholders to take action to reduce blindness in the country. This year’s celebration is on the theme; ‘’Love my eyes’’.

Dr. Dan mentioned that the human eye is a delicate and important part of the human body that needs to be protected.

‘’People should take care of their eyes just as they take care of their machines and vehicles, they should show their eyes the same love by walking to a clinic and deliberately requesting to check their eyes, because if you love your eyes that much you would take action to maintain them’’, Dr. Dan advised.   

By: Lilian D. Walter/

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