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Negative emotions causes spinal discomfort-Chiropractor reveals



A Chiropractor at the Spinal clinic in Tamale, Dr. Charles Agbetsoamedo has revealed that negative emotions of people cause spinal discomfort.

The likes of regular anger, sadness, anxiety and other related issues can also lead to spinal discomfort. Dr Agbetsoamedo stated this at the opening ceremony of the Zaa radio’s annual investments and entrepreneurship conference held in Tamale.

The event was to create a plat form that seeks to promote and showcase the growth of businesses in areas of investments and entrepreneurship in northern Ghana and as well bridge the gap in investment and entrepreneurship between northern Ghana and the rest of the world.

According to him, spinal problems can as well be attributed to stress with some of the major causes as the siting posture, lying posture and during delivery. He said there are five components of health that must be practiced by every individual to live healthily and happily.

These components are positive mental attitude, good nutrition, enough rest, regular exercise of the body and ensuring that your nervous system functions well.

Dr, Agbetsoamedo also revealed that smoking, alcohol consumption excess intake of sugar and too much drugs/pain killers can also cause the discomfort of the spinal cord, he has therefore encouraged the public to check their systems and practice the five components of health.

Dr. Agbetsoamedo advised pregnant women to take good care of themselves to prevent unborn children from related conditions. Meanwhile some participants at the conference



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