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Tamale West Hospital administrator locked out of office.


imageA group calling itself “Concerned Group of Tamale West hospital,” together with some staff of the Tamale West Hospital, on Monday locked out the administrator over allegations of poor management.

The group, which consists of some staff of the hospital and community members within the hospital’s operational area, says the continued stay of Madam Alice Tengfa  as the administrator of the facility will lead to the eventual collapse the hospital.

The staff used wood to lock the administrator’s office. They are urging the administrator to relinquish her post to make way for someone they believe will be more competent to manage the hospital.

According to angry staff members, it is only under Madam Tengfa’s leadership that patients are being asked to buy drugs from pharmacies outside the hospital when it is on record that the hospital is never left out in the distribution of medical supplies to hospitals in the region.

The West Hospital’s pharmacy, the concerned group said, has almost been empty for the past fourteen months. Seats for lucky patients awaiting drugs at the dispensary are turning into a death trap under the watch of Madam Tengfa, the group claimed.

The situation at the Out Patient Department (OPD) is not different; our attempt to get our administrator and the hospital management to address the matter yielded no meaningful results.

A spokesperson for the group, Gafaru A. Jafaru claims that all what Madam Tengfa knows is creating confusion between staff and their immediate supervisors, which is retarding progress at the hospital.

When Zaa News got to the scene the administrator was not available for comment and no official  of the hospital was ready to speak on the matter.

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