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Vaccinate your pets to prevent rabies-Veterinary Officer to pets owners


As the world marks World Zoonosis day today, the Animal Health Production College Pong-Tamale has called the attention of the general public to infectious diseases that can spread between people and animals.
Every year, 6th July is observed as World Zoonosis day. It is celebrated to commemorate the fight against zoonotic diseases such as ebola, Avian influenza, and West Nile Virus. Speaking in an interview with Zaa news, President of the International Veterinary Students Association, Apam Malik Elias states the need for domestic animals or pets to be vaccinated.
He said vaccinating domestic animals is the only way to prevent rabies infection in the country. Rabies is a zoonotic disease. That means the disease can be transmitted from animals to humans through a bite of an infected animal. Mr Malik said rabies had 100 percent fatality rate, adding that to prevent such casualties, pet owners must vaccinate their animals. ‘’ If we want to prevent rabies the best and only way is to vaccinate our domestic animals’’. He said
He also urged pet owners not to down play the effects of having rabid animal at home, disclosing that many people have lost their lives as a result of contracting the disease. ‘’Most pet owners do not see the need to vaccinate their animals without knowing the implication’’ he noted
Mr Malik stressed that it was cheaper to vaccinate against the rabies disease than to threat a person who might have been bitten by an infected animal or exposed to one.
By: Lilian D. Walter/

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    Pls which particular drugs can be use in rabies vaccination

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