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AG’s stenographer-secretaries tell her they are in sore need of in-service training and promotions.


Stenographer secretaries at the attorney general’s department in the northern region have expressed worry over their decades- long neglect by the attorney general and the ministry of Justice.

According to the stenographers who record court proceedings, unlike other decentralized departments, no workshop or any capacity building has ever been organized for them to upgrade their knowledge and skills to keep up with current trends.

A stenographer secretary, Ms. Irene M. Ndeogo who has been working with the attorney general department for over two decades, appealed to the attorney general and minister of Justice to facilitate their training to enable them be abreast with current technology.

She also appealed to the AG to look into promotions issues facing the stenographers secretaries noting that civil servants are promoted every four years but in their case, you have to upgrade yourself academically before promotion.

Northern regional minister
The Northern regional minister, Mr. Salifu Saeed, underscored the important role the AG Department plays in democratic dispensation.

Mr Saeed lamented the lack of districts courts in the region. According to the minister, even the district with courts are not in the best condition and appealed to the attorney general and minister of Justice to address the problem.

The magistrates, he added, lack accommodations and is a problem he has taken up with some assemblies. He called for more attention on Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) at the district level because many cases are in the rural communities.


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