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COVID-19 ; We can’t grant bail to murder&robbery suspects –N/R Police commander


Northern Regional Police Commander, DCOP Timothy Yoosa Bonga has said suspects linked to murder and robbery which are first degree felony will continue to be in their cells in spite of the coronavirus pandemic

. DCOP Bonga told journalist that the service is doing its best to ensure precautionary safety measures to prevent further spread of covid-19 in the cells but cannot quickly grant bail to robbery and murder cases.

The command DCOP Bonga explained has provided nose mask and hand washing facilities to suspects in their custody

. The commander who was speaking to the media during the launch of fumigation and disinfestation of police facilities said the police don’t intend to add more suspected criminals in the cells because of social distancing.

He was quick to add that cases such as misdemeanors are granted bail and investigations are ongoing.

DCOP Bonga expressed the commands gratefulness to Zoomlion and the government for their efforts to ensure safe environment for personnel of the service.

Personnel of the service the commander noted need to be safe before enforcing the restrictions imposed by the president. He reiterated the commands readiness to arrest people violating the restrictions.

“When we come after you for violating the restrictions is not we hit you is because we love you to be alive to contribute your quota to this nation’’ DCOP Bonga pleaded with the citizens.

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