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Dagban Kingdom mourns with the people of Gonjaland for the loss of their King, Yogbun Wura; Prof. Tuntumba Bore Essa


Dagbon Kingdom sends her deepest condolences to the entire people of Gonjaland as they grieve for the passing of the Yogbun Wura (King of the Gonjaland).

“Indeed, the late king of Gonjaland, Prof. Tuntumba Bore Essa, was one of the most peace-loving kings in the country.
“During his reign, Gonjaland experienced unprecedented accelerated growth, development, and stability.” The statement reads:
In a statement released, which has been sighted by Zaa News on its official Facebook page, the Dagbon further says that “this is a great loss indeed, not only to the people of the Gonja kingdom but to the entire Ghana and to us in Dagbon especially.”
The Dagbon Kingdom acknowledges the role the late King played in the process that led to the current stability in the kingdom and, as such, regards these kingly gestures as the most profound memory they have of him, along with the period that he spent working in Tamale.
“His impact in Tamale-Lamashegu is still very much visible.” The statement states:

Indeed, we loved him, but his Lord loved him more. Go well, King of the Bravemen of Gonjaland and Bearer of the Ancient Spear. The statement concludes

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