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A viral song by Bala Zaaku called “Sama Noli” upsets the NPP in the Northern Region.


The Northern Regional Communication Director of the ruling New Patriotic Party, Mr. Yussuf Danjuma, has served a word of caution to the local rhythmic heat creator Bala Zaaku not to release his much-discussed song title “Sama Noli.”

The song’s lyrical content does not seem to favor the New Patriotic Party government, so the musician was advised to withhold it from distribution, according to the NPP’s Regional Communication Director.

His advice came as a result of the song going viral on social media immediately after it was played and released on a local FM station in Tamale.

In Dagbanli, when Bala Zaaku says “Sama Noli,” he implies that Ghanaians have incurred losses rather than gains by having Nana Addo as president, and this is manifest in the unbearable cost of living all over the country.

The statement literally refers to “failed expectations.” It will be recalled how the hopes of many Ghanaians went high when Nana Akufo-Addo won the 2016 General Elections in Ghana, which rated the John Mahama-led administration as the worst thing that ever happened to them in their lives, only to be more disappointed in Nana Akufo-Addo than they ever expected.

In his very popular song, Bala Zaaku goes on to somewhat say that women are crying, children are crying, we can’t buy salt, we can’t buy water, and so on. He’s “Sama noli.”

The high cost of living and suffering across the nation are evidence of this. No plausible expression could depict it better than “Sama Noli,” “Losses upon losses,” or “Sama yugu yugu,” losses all over. Apparently, Bala Zaaku’s simple message captured in his heated song is that Ghanaians have sold their color televisions only to get a black and white model.
This translation was done by Muhammad Rabiu on his Facebook page, where Zaa News picked up the salient points, and credit must be given to him for his brilliant work.
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