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My mother also feels the economic hardships as an NPP Women’s Organizer -Bala Zaaku admits


It has emerged that Sama Noli hitmaker Yakuba Abdul Razak, with the stage name Bala Zaaku, is the biological mother of the polling station women’s organizer of the ruling NPP at Fosheegu in the Tamale south constituency. His revelations contradict his critics, who have tagged him as “anti-NPP” and “trying to dent the good work of President Akufo Addo’s led administration.”
Bala Zaaku revealed to Zaa Kutu host Mohammed Abdul Rashid that the “Sama Noli” song was inspired by several complaints from women about hardship and hikes for basic necessities such as salt. The Sama Noli hit marker said he overheard women complaining bitterly about the price of salt and that the complaint was as if the one who sold the salt to them was in the area.

Bala Zaaku said he pleaded with them to exercise the patients because everyone is already in difficulty. Just as he was going to his room, Bala Zaaku said he heard another woman complaining about the price and size of the same item, salt. “There, it dawned on him that economic hardship is no longer a joke, and as a musician with a bigger voice and more followers, I needed to draw attention to the powers of reality,” he explained on Zaa TV. The several complaints from women, his personal experience as a farmer, and several Ghanaians’ concerns informed his decision to use God given talent to speak the truth directly, not to a person but to the president, that there is hardship.      

When asked why he didn’t mention any politician’s name other than President Akufo Addo, Bala Zaaku said that all those complaining about hardship in the country don’t mention any politician’s name other than the country’s number one gentleman, who is the president. He also explained that, though his song has been tagged as a political song, he knows that that is the reality currently in Ghana, and he is careless about what people say.
Bala Zaaku said he is a proud peasant farmer who experienced economic difficulties during the 2022 crop season when he went to buy fertilizer. He dismissed claims by some members of the ruling NPP that he is ungrateful to the party after he benefited from them during a ‘tough’ SIMPA competition that he won. Bala Zaaku admitted to receiving calls and criticism almost every day since the song’s release on social media and mainstream media, but he chose to ignore them all and move on as a musician with credit for over five popular songs.
Commenting on his purported arrest, Bala Zaaku disputed rumors that he was arrested, explaining he was at Kpebya Daboguni performing on stage when he heard it. He explained that his mother is facing severe economic hardship and cannot even tell him not to stop it. “My mother goes to rice farms and picks leftovers for her survival as a woman organizer of a ruling party,” the controversial musician stated.

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