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Deal with boundaries issues before census night-Government Statistician to REGSEC


The government Statistician, Professor Samuel Kobina Annimhas asked Northern Regional Security Council (REGSEC) to collaborate with the ministry of local government and rural development to deal with lingering boundaries disputes among traditional areas and communities.  

The government statistician said both regional and district level census implementation committees need to map up strategies that together REGSEC ensure that all impediment that would hinder this year’s Population and Housing census which commence on in June 27 Census Night 2021.

Speaking at the official handing to the regional census implementation committee at regional coordinating with 68 days to date of census night. 

The government Statistician, professor Samuel Kwabena Annim said some of the boundary disputes dates back to 2010 where a report was issued on how to deal with but unfortunately because some bothers on traditional issues it couldn’t address.

NR Minister flanked by GSS Boss, NR chief director & GSS officials

The long-aged challenged resulted in setting up another committee in 2019 to help resolve it and the country risk impeding the census by not counting people which will lead to GSS leaving out vulnerable.  

“With 68 days ahead, there is no way we would be able to resolve boundaries issues but there is the need to be pragmatic to ensure it doesn’t affect the census undertaken” professor Kobina Annim stressed.

 According to him, if the counting is done and the disputes are, GSS can go back and move the numbers and the populist from one locality to the other. The government statistician said GSS observed these during National Household Registering including boundaries disputes bothering chieftaincy last year. 

“Our message from GSS is that issues related to boundaries disputes doesn’t fall within our mandate but rather ministry of local government and rural development”.

 He also raised concerns of areas with conflicts currently or prone to conflicts and REGSEC would have to coopt in the security agencies enable enumerators gain access those areas to avoid situations where some people will be left out. Another key security issue in the first ever Ghana technology census Professor Koniba Annim disclosed is witnessing some disturbing situation where frauds or scammers luring prospective applicants to be enumerators to pay money ranging between 1,500 to 2,5000¢ on the first ever technology census.

This, he said was largely due to ignorance on the side of applicants and REGSEC need to step in to clamping down these fraudsters through publicity. Professor Samuel Kwabena Annim also pleaded with the northern regional minister to allocate adequate office space for its over 75,000 tablets and other equipment. 

In July last year, GSS conducted Ghana National Household Registry which coincided with raining season and the census is taken place in June-July which also likely to be in the peak of rains. To avert similar situation, Professor Kobina Annim urged regional coordinating council to work effectively with the district census implementation committee in areas that may be rain-off during the exercise.

The GSS as part of its public education will organized quiz competition among schools between 11 and 15 May. A page document of the census will also be given to the various mosque and churches to enable Pastors and Imams communicate it properly to the congregants. 

In all, 131,739 localities have been identified in 272 statistical districts. Northern Regional Chief Director, Alhaji Alhassan Issahaku Alhassan described GSS visit as timely as the census date draw closer and urged residents to open up to enumerators on census night.

 Northern regional minister, Alhaji Alhassan Shani Shaibu reiterated the need for citizens to participate in the exercise. He said he can only make a case for developmental projects for within his jurisdiction on the basis on accurate.

The minister assured that all necessary support his out can offer will be provided to ensure successful census.

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