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Dalun chief releases 26 -acre land for flood victim’s resettlement


The paramount chief of Dalun Traditional area, Mahama Hamidu has released about 26-acre parcel of lands to victims of last year’s flood at Nawuni in the Kumbungu district of the northern region. The land, situated between Nawuni and Dalun Kukuo is consider on higher ground.

Over 7000 residents in eight communities were affected by the 2020 rains storm and the spillage of Bagri Dam. About 1,580 residents in Nawun and 330 people at Afayili were hit hard, both communities along the white Volta.

 A year on, some of the victims from Nawuni still have their items at the community’s primary serving them as temporary accommodation. The Yipeli Naa of Dalun, Abdulai Alhassan who conducted some of the victims round the land told Zaa News that Dalun Lana willingly provided the land with the hope that government and individuals will assist the victims put up decent homes.

Dalun Yipel Naa

The Dalun Lana who visited Nawunin during the disaster to assess the damage cause his people promised to assist in finding perminent solution to the perennial problem.  

The victims told Zaa News that they are willing to be relocated but the last flood brought untold hardship to them. Mr Hope Abordey whose five-bedroom brought to its knees expressed his gratitude to the chief for the support. According to him, the floods did not only destroy their homes, farm produce but also their fishing nets rendering them empty. ’’I feel ashamed that every year we have to appeal to people to come to aid, the permanent solution is what the chief did’’ Mr Hope said.

Another victim, Madam Monica Ayengbe who lived in Nawuni for 3 decades now described 2020 flood as one she has never seen adding that she s ready to leave before rain sets in.’’ We are looking up to God help us with accommodation at the land Dalun chief allocated to them’’ Madam Monica appealed.

Chief Imam of Nawuni, Afa Inusah Fuseini said all their properties were carried away by the flood leaving them impoverished and that cannot put up their own homes without help. The Imam explained that, relocation is not easy for even well-to-do and in their case the flood has impoverish them.

Nawuni Chief Imam , Inusah Fuseini

’’Our fears are that, in about 3-4 months’ time, the rain will intensify and where to live is what every inhabitant is thinking about’’.

Assembly member for Nawuni electoral area, Mr Alhassan Yussif said out of the 98 houses, about 30 registered for the resettlement process. The assembly he said promised to assist in layout and demarcation.  The coordinating director for kumbungu district assembly Mr Yussif said directed district planning officer and engine to visit the area but they are yet to.

’’The assembly has a big role to play in the resettlement plan in the area social amenities such as water, electricity and basic necessities’’ the assembly stated.

A local NGO, Youth Opportunity Partnership Program (YOPP) facilitating the resettlement of the flood victims described the chief gesture as major step to finding lasting solution to the plight of the victims and also a sign of relief. YOPP, as part their effort to assisting the people introduced a project dubbed; Acceleration Livelihoods Emergency Action (ALIA), with the aim of building resilience structures in the flood prone communities along the white Volta basin in the Kumbungu district.

Project Coordinator, Mr Abubakari Abdul Razak explained that it’s one-year humanitarian project expected to address YOPP, NORSAAC and others operational area through advocacy and need-based approach through the provision of basic support to farmers as short time stop-gap measure.

Mr Abdul Razak said the project since its inception have trained about 25 men and women in basic agricultural practices such as backyard garden, bee keeping, dry farming and fishing farming to ensure sustainable livelihood and has provided 60 bags of NPK fertilizer and insecticides.

Fifty community members, both young and old in advocacy skills to hold government and other actors responsible to find lasting solution to the perineal floods.

The Director of YOPP, Mr Abubakari Abu was grateful for the process so far and hope that the assembly will Fastrack the layout process on the land for resettlement to begins. YOPP, Mr Abu assured will continue to play their facilitating role in their small way hoping that other human center organizations come on board to holistically address the problem.


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