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Paramount Chief of Busunu

The Paramount Chief of Busunu Traditional Area, Yiram Busunuwura Monasa Jonokpowu II, has cautioned citizens of his traditional area to desist from mob justice.

He made the remark when he sent a delegation to the Chief and people of Sumpini to ascertain the cause of events after an elderly woman suffered cutlass wounds by irate youth of the community over witch claims.

Residents of Busunu and its environs woke up with the sad news of a woman (Mma Meri), being attacked on accusations of witchcraft by angry youth of Sumpini community, despite her plea.

The unfortunate incident happened during the celebration of their annual Jintigi (fire festival) Saturday night.

Bonyanto wura S. Kwakye who spoke on behalf of Busunuwura, during a visit to the community said, the chief regrets such vulgar activities of some deviant youth of his land.

He also urged the leaders of the community to smoke out the perpetrators of such heinous crimes to security agencies for investigations and possible punishment.

Meanwhile residents in the area indicated that some of the assailants are still in their hideouts and call on the police to fish them out and deal with them.

They expressed readiness to lead the police to the hideouts of the remaining assailants. 

By: Jonas Biawuribe

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