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N/R; Ignore anti-vaccine campaigners conspiracy; vaccine developers would’ve reduced Africa population through food not covid vaccine-Public Health practitioner.


The Deputy Northern Regional Director of the Ghana Health Service in charge of Public Health, Dr Hilarious Abiwu has advised the people of the north to disregard anti-vaccine campaigner’s conspiracy theories that the COVID-19 vaccine is meant to reduce Africa’s population.

He said if the vaccine developers really have an agenda to reduce Africa’s population, they would have done it long ago through the previous vaccines including vaccine pilgrims take from the health directorates when they are embarking on annual Hajj to the Kingdom of Suadi Arabia.

The public health practitioner explained that, virtually all medicines in the hospitals are from the white people and if they intended to wipe Africa’s population or reduce it, they would do it without covid vaccine.

The urgency with which the COVID-19 vaccine was developed he said was because COVID-19 was declared global pandemic and there was the urgency to Fastrack efforts following all laydown procedures.  The only way to protect and prevent people from dying through COVID-19 he added was through the introduction of the vaccine in a form that would help our bodies to develop immunity against the virus.

He cited last year yellow fever nationwide vaccination and several other vaccines that have already been administered without reports of issues the anti-vaccine crusaders are championing.

Reacting to residents of Tamale concerns about their lives and safety when given the vaccine, Dr Hilarious reminded Ghanaians that the food they consume were basically imported from outside because the country produce little and that the west could have used the imported foods to reduce the population if there was really negative intention.  

He told Zaa News in an interview that, from time in memorial the only way of stopping illnesses that cause by virus such as Hepatitis B, HIV, yellow fever among others through vaccines.

The vaccines he explained human bodies trained itself on how to deal with the virus after it has been given in a way that it would not harm the body.

 As far as we know as health workers, there is no reason why anybody should be afraid of vaccines, Dr Hilarious assured.  He described it as a good move by the president and his vice took the first dose so that everybody will see what the outcome will be like.

On when the region is taking its turn, Dr Hilarious said the region may get its consignment the north will benefit from is expected in four weeks or even much longer.

 According to him, it is the interest of ourselves and the people who donated the vaccine because if Ghanaians refused to take it, we will now carry the virus and spread it to them.

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