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COVID-19 situation in the northern region is scaring- Deputy Health Director laments


The Ghana Health Service in the northern region have expressed deep concerns about the rising COVID-19 cases in the region. The region recorded 569 cases in the whole of 2020. But between January and February this year, the recorded 870 cases, far more than a whole year.

The region’s total positive cases stand at 1,386 as at March 2, excluding positive results at the labs yet to be added to the national data.

The region also recorded 14 COVID-19 confirmed deaths within two months as against the whole of 2020 14 deaths.  

Deputy Regional Health Director in Charge of Public Health Dr Hilarious Abiwu in an interview with Zaa News described the situation as quite scaring and urged everybody including health personnel to endeavor to respect the safety protocols.

 In the case of the health facilities infections, he revealed that 68 staff of Savelugu hospital tested positive and the decision was taken to conduct mass testing in order to curtail further spread.

The situation he said led to partial close shutdown of the hospital but quick to add that the hospital returned to normal operations last Monday after fumigation exercise was carried out. 

Major markets now danger zone for covid

A periodic survey conducted by the Ghana Health Service in the major markets in the northern region on the adherence to COVID-19 safety protocols revealed that the markets are becoming a danger zone in the spread of COVID-19.

The survey which focuses on the availability of hand washing equipment, wearing of nose masks and social distancing finds very disturbing situations. Hand washing equipment was as low as 2.8% and only 13% of people who are in the markets wear face masks.

Dr Hilarious Abiwu said the only luck for both traders and buyers is that the markets are open in nature unlike markets in Europe and other developed countries where markets are in enclosed places with airconditioned, the rate of infection of would have devastating.

He said the service is not surprised that between and February the cases are high. He disclosed that market queens, members of GPRTU and various religious groupings made commitment to ensure strict adherence to the safety protocols at the service’s last Regional Public Health Emergency Committee Meeting

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