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Diyali: residents pledge to sustain Dagbon peace


Residents of Diyali in the Savelugu Municipality have resolved not to allow partisan politics, religious differences and chieftaincy to divide them.

They have also resolved that under no circumstances should any disagreement in the area result in violent confrontation.

The residents said unity of purpose was key for the development of the area and have come out with an elaborate plan towards bringing natives together on a common ground.

Top on the peace activities in Diyali include fan games such as a football match, Owari and ‘Torra ‘ (women dance) among others.

“The secret behind Diyali peace is respecting the chief. The indigenes know no different and political party differences are no more in Diyali. No Abudu or Andani and religious differences,” the residents said. The secret is within the locals and is only when visitors asked, they added. They explained that ‘every body knows his or her level, no usurping of powers.

The residents disclosed this elaborate peace plan at the Diyali Lana palace during a meeting with Civil Society Organizations(CSOs) implementing the Sustainable Empowerment Peace Project (SEPP).

SEPP is aimed at consolidating peace in the Northern Region after nearly 40 years of chieftaincy dispute. The project is being implemented by NORSAAC in partnership with Dagbon Forum, West Africa Network for Peace Building, Northern Regional Peace Council with funding from OXFAM.

The CSOs were in Diyali to have first hand information from selected  elders, women and youth trained on the need for peace in the north to be sustained and expected to be trainers of others.

Mr Mohammed Eliasu, Nayili fong assemblyman, disclosed that over 60 women relayed what they learned on sustaining the north.

Voice recordings and and it’s circulations on social media with wrongful attribution to people who did not author it has also been discouraged among young people in Diyali.
Mr Eliasu told Zaa News the people in Diyali see themselves as one and it manifests in all social gatherings which in the past was not the case.

“As an assembly man, the way I observe that things are now better and we hope it continues,” Mr Eliasu said.

Diyali, he added used to be perceived to be one of the hot spots in Dagbon but with CSOs intervention after the resolution of Dagbon issue it has moved ahead to champion development.

The Assemblyman attributed the peaceful coexistence to the good leadership and elderly advice from the Diyali chief, Diyali Lana Abdulai Abukari.

Some of the women who shared their experiences on  the importance  of peace recollected bitter experiences in the past and pledged to preach peace to the youngsters.

They agreed that it is only peace that can  ensure development. ‘Dialogue is the tool in resolving any disagreement in Diyali and we appreciate the support of the CSOs’ the women said.
They continued: “There is no much difference in Diyali and there is unit of purpose in the community,”  they stated. Among the women, there is also unity of togetherness and it resonates with the gatherings.

OXFAM Programs Quality Officer, Mr Abdul Razak Mohammed  explained that even though there is peace in Dagbon, there is still pockets of disagreement and therefore the need to engage elders and people who serve as liason officer at the various palaces.

OXFAM, Mr Mohammed said followed the Dagbon issue with keen interest and once there is an overlord, he will  appoint  which may not go down well with some people.
The minor infringes Mr Mohammed  said have to be prevented  through the people who support the chiefs.

The three years project he explained will focus on the engagement and how to manage the emerging issues coming out.

The subsequent years he explained will be tailored on  areas with special needs which will based on the outcome of the first phase of the project.

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