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Don’t step foot into your farms-Tampion chief warior warns Nanton farmers


The Chief warior (Kanbona) of Tampion, Mohammed Iddrisu has issued a warning to all farmers from Nanton whose are in the jurisdiction of Tampion not to step foot in their farms.

The Tampion chief warior said innocent  people of Tampion have suffered several attacks both physically and sometimes at gun points in the hands some miscreants in Nanton without any provocation.

The visibly unhappy Tampion Kanbona told the media that  on Sunday that the assaults on residents were going out of hands.
He mentioned one Mr Yahaya who he claimed  escaped gun shot in the hands of some young people from Nanton.

Another resident of Tampion, Afa Bassit he recounted was one Friday stooped in Nanton and was assaulted for no reason.

The chief warior based on the two incidence prompted Tampion chief who he said immediately sent a delegation  to the Nanton Wulana requesting a meeting over the matter but he reportedly failed to honor the meeting.

The youth chief (Zaachi) who was also at the palace said, the people of Tampion are increasingly becoming fed up with unprovoked attacks and calling on elders of Nanton to put their parochial interest aside and consider peace as vital for Dagbon.
According to the Zaachi, some people in Nanton are bent of creating confusion between the two major towns, which could jeopardize the gains Dagbon kingdom made so far.

A victim of the alleged assaults who is a gongo beater narrated the ordeals he went through in the hands of some young people in Nanton.

He said he was nearly shot for  accepting to go to  Ndan Ya Na enskined Nanton Na to perform his work as gongo bitter.

He mentioned five persons as those who ambushed him and allegedly assaulted him.

‘I know all the five, I can mention their names’ the gongo beater stated.
But for the crown vim, none of them can beat me if we face each other, he boasted.

When Zaa News contacted the District Chief Executive for Nanton, Mr Abubakari Hati-Rahman who confirmed to Zaa News, he confirmed that there is some security issue within the area.

Mr Hati-Rahman said he was invited by the Tampion chief to his palace on the issue but he could not honor the invitation.

The DCE who is the chairman of the District Security Committee (DISEC) said he was going to convey an emergency meeting on the matter on Monday June 23,2020.
He called on the people to remain  calm while his office takes stpes to find solution to the matter.

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