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We’ve enough of unprovoked attacks-Tampion chief tells Nanton people


There is heightened tension between the people of Nanton and Tampion in the Nanton district of the Northern Region following what is said to be unprovoked attacks on the people of Tampion

The seemingly tension is born out of what the people of Tampion alleged total disrespect of Ndan Ya Na orders in the Nanton skin.

  Two people from Tampion are said to have been physically assaulted by some people of Nanton without any provocation.

Elders of Tampion say they and the people of Nanton have been one family for several decades until recently when the Ndan Ya Na enskined the former Vo Na, Alhaji Mohammed Baba  Bawa as Paramount chief of Nanton.
The family tides, they explained broken because of entrenched positions taken by certain people in Nanton against Ndan Ya Na enskined Nanton Na.

Narrating series of events to the media in his palace atTampion, the chief of Tampion Na  Alhassan Andani said he was deeply involved by those who were vying for the Nanton Namship.

According to him,  he led the most of the  candidates of Nanton skin to pay homage to Ndan Ya Na at Gbewaa palace in Yendi before the final selection of the former Vo Na.

After Ndan Ya Na settled on the former Vo Na and subsequent enskiment, he was asked to ensure that the ligimate and rightful one gets to Nanton.

The Tampion chief however expressed shocked and dismay when the  Zoosali Lana Haruna Sulemana Tia, who is a royal in Nanton arrogated   himself as Nanton chief.
The Tampion chief stated that at no point in the history of Nanton Namship a royal decided to be Nanton Na without the approval of Ndan Ya Na.

The Tampion chief told Zaa News, he want peace and warned the district and regional security counci to ensure that Ndan Ya Na enskined Nation Na gets to Nanton peaceful before it diginerate to conflict.

He said he was mandated by the Ndan Ya Na and in acoordance with customs and traditions, he is supposed to lead any new Nanton Na to Nanton.

Nyba Tampion Lana said he suspect those supporting the self-acclaimed Nanton Na want blood shed which is dangerous for the entire northern region.
The chief told Zaa News, he personally invited the Nanton District Chief Executive (DCE) and presented what he called  evedence of potential conflicts but the DCE left and yet to get to back to him matter.

At a very charged atmosphere at his palace, Naa Alhassan Andani  advised the Nanton DCE and Regional Security Council (REGSEC) to be fair, neutral and impatial in ensuring that Ndan Ya Na ligitimacy as overlord of Dagbon is adhere to or have themselves to be blamed should violence conflict erupted.

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