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Former UN Secretary General calls for consumption of potato



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The Former UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan has called for the consumption of orange flesh sweet potato among families especially children and pregnant women.

This will ensure balanced nutrition within households in northern Ghana. He said this during his visit to Vogu in the Kumbungu district of the northern region with his wife, Nane Annan to discuss with stakeholders on how to help improve sweet potato for profit and health in Ghana and West Africa.

According to the world health organization, an estimated 55,000 Ghanaian children die before age five. Over half of these deaths can be attributed to malnutrition. Meanwhile, statistics reveals that northern region alone records 33 percent stunted children less than five years.

 In a bit to improve nutritional status among children and pregnant women in the North, Scientists have identified sweet potato, particularly the orange flesh sweet potato as a sustainable response to tackling malnutrition and hunger in children since orange flesh sweet potato has natural source of vitamin A, other minerals and fibre.

Interacting with the media, the Formal UN secretary General, Kofi Annan has called for the promotion of sweet potato as a means of fighting against food security and nutrition.

The Program Director for Sweet Potato at the International Potato Center, Simon Heck said more varieties of potatoes are still under development. He hinted that the institute is working to develop more resilient varieties that can withstand climate change.




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