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‘Frustrated’ Tamale mayor suspends two security exercise over assembly member’s ineptitude


The Tamale Metropolitan Assembly Chief Executive, Mr. Iddrisu Musah Superior has temporally suspended the assembly’s exercise to get rid Tamale streets of minors due to lack of interest by assembly members.

One other assembly’s exercise the flashing out of wee smoking gangs within the metropolis, the mayor said. has also been suspended until a commitment is made by assembly members and opinion leaders.
According Mr. Superior, about 99% of assembly members been lukewarm towards the exercise.
Out of the 58 Assembly members,  one assembly man supported the exercise, Mr Musah noted. He accused some assembly members of even feeding skewed information to the public and making it looks like it was the mayor’s lone decision. The exercise, in the view of the mayor, should have been a collective effort but that’s not the case.

The ‘frustrated’mayor told assembly members that the decision to deal with wee smokers was largely informed by complaints from the public and assembly members on indiscipline in the metropolis but it turned out to be something else.

The assembly’s attention now, he said, will be on physical infrastructure such as roads and schools. Mr Superior was addressing the second ordinary meeting of the assembly today.

“As part of our efforts to eradicate streetism at night and provide better opportunity for the healthy growth of children;the purpose for which the ‘Behisung’ task-force was inaugurated, we undertook an exercise to wage war against child neglect in order to ensure that we end streetism within the metropolis,” Mr Musah said.

“I wish to expressed my disappointment about manner I have been left alone to be bastardized in the public square without any Hon. Member of this house coming to my rescue,” he continued.

“I think that I have not be treated fairly by Hon. members for keeping quite over the wonderful initiatives we are undertaking as an assembly, especially when these interventions have come before this house and there has been no objection to any of them,” he lamented.

The mayor also hit at politicians who take to the air especially on radio and lambaste him about certain decisions he takes for the interest of the metropolis instead of them giving him a helping hand to instill discipline.

Mr Musah said it was important for members to speak out on the issue and let the public know that the decisions were sanctioned by the assembly and not my decision as an individual; otherwise we should resolve that the interventions be discontinued.

The presiding member (PM) of the assembly,Mr. Abu Takoro called on members to support management of the assembly to implement decisions taken. He told the house that decisions taken are not individual ones but collective ones.

The assembly, the PM said will deliberate on the mayor’s decision to suspend the street children and get rid off criminals within the metropolis exercise. The activities of this year’s Hajj are expected to be tabled before the house for deliberation.

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