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“I am overwhelmed by a barrage of complains from communities about bad road network,” President says for the umpteenth time on his tour of the northern regions.


Nana Akufo-Addo has thrown another jab at the opposition National Democratic Congress for failing to improve the road sector in the country during its rule.

The president said he was overwhelmed by concerns from Ghanaians about the bad road network in the country contrary to claims by the immediate past NDC government that a lot was invested in the road sector.

Addressing the chiefs and people at Buipe after cutting sod for the construction of an emergency district hospital, the president said he has regretted for not commenting on the bad road network during the 2016 general electioneering campaign.

Mr. Addo said he should have waited for evidence of the bad road network in the country to emerge to counter claims by the Mahama administration that it had fixed the nation’s roads.

He told the people of Gonjaland that his government will not skewer  development in one side of the country promising that every region will get their share of the national cake.

He criticized the erstwhile Mahama administration for doing little for Ghanaians and not being truthful about it. He then promised not to repeat their mistakes.

On the creation of new regions, the president reminded the people that the decision rests in their hands to determine if they want the Savannah  region. He told the people that they deserve the region and that he supports their cause.

“Your massive yes vote is the only thing now because I will not delay in appending my signature to it,” the president said.






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