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I’m grateful and happy about the court decision- 50-year-old alleged witchcraft Victim


Alleged witchcraft victim at Kpana Gambiliduli in the Gushegu municipality, fifty-year old Sumani Neina has welcomed the decision by the Yendi district circuit court for issuing arrest warrant for three of the suspects and remanding one into police custody.

She was also happy that her female colleague, Asulo Ayishetu who was part of the people who accused her pleaded guilty, was also fined GHC 1,200.

Narrating her ordeal to Zaa News, the victim, Sumani Neina expressed shock about the allegation and inhumane treatment meted out to her by the suspects including her colleague female.

She explained that she is a trader and hardly sits at home because of her trading activities but on that fateful Saturday at about 7am she was washing her clothing when the young men stormed her house.

She narrated that; one Mba Cherifo invited to his house, but she had to call her brother before honoring the invitation. ‘I went with my daughter, and we met Asulo Ayishetu and her husband Modoo with Mba Cherifo seated; when I enquired, I was told by Mba Cherifo that Ayishetu lodged a complaint against me that I Neina is tormenting her in her dream.  

This, she said, came to her as shock. ‘I asked Ayishetu what you have done to me to warrant me tormenting you’. Ayishetu replied, I don’t know. Once the burden of proof relies on people who allege, her daughter insisted the only way to exonerate or prove her innocence is to go to a shrine.  

The Kpana Lana, she added, cautioned them to desist from engaging in any form of violence when they got home. Neina said she was preparing yam to eat when she saw a boy around and before she could ask his mission, he started calling his colleagues who were around with different kinds of offensive items including electrical wires and sticks. ‘I ran to my room but one of them came and forcibly pushed my metal door down; ’They whipped me for about two hours from my house to the town center which is quite a distance’, she recounted.

While whipping, Mma Neina recollected the suspects instructing her to say her said; today my life has ended’. She stated that, as a trader, she had GHC  5000 with her. She alleged that the suspects wanted to steal the money, but she was lucky, and they threw it in the direction of her daughter who immediately picked it. ‘I heard them saying they should have hit her knees so that she could fall down, and they kill her.

Another, Mma Neina recounted they cannot because they should have done it earlier but now if they do, someone might film them and that will lead to their arrest. Mma Neina said anyone who saw her after the beating ran away because of her condition.

‘Finally, I fell down under a tree and was served by one man who shouted at them to stop beating me’ she recounted her harrowing experience.

As if my beating was not enough, they went back to my house and took the cereal and legume I brought from Gushegu in my room and threw it away, Mma Neina alleged.

Daughter of the victim, Maria who said she is a high blood pressure patient alleged she was also attacked by the suspects who stormed her house to carry out their act.

Osman Yakubu, she said, bragged that nobody can arrest him but was arrested by my son. Maria stated. I’m satisfied with the court decision because prior to the act they were bragging that nothing can happen to them’ she added. 

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