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Lack of accommodation in Sankpala compels teachers to commute from Tamale.

    It has emerged that over 20 teachers at the Sankpala E/A school live in Tamale, whilst commuting daily to teach. This is due to the dreadful nature of the teachers’ quarters on the premises. The only quarters in the school abandoned for several years is overgrown with grass and become a home of sorts for animals.

Authorities of the school are therefore seeking the immediate intervention of government. Sankpala E/A JHS is the only junior high school which serves Sankpala and its neighboring communities. And due to the large student population, the school is divided into two sections, A and B.

The acute lack of accommodation has compelled teachers to live in Tamale, a situation which is negatively affecting teaching and learning. The proprietor of Islamic Education, Mr. Mohammed Seidu appealed to government to intervene.



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