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Mion District assembly to adopt District Partnership Platform concept



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The Mion District assembly has been advised to adopt the District Partnership Platform (DPP) concept to help facilitate their developmental activities.

The platform when adopted will enable the district have a well-coordinated   data and activities of development partners in the area. The DPP will also help improve planning process and enhance effective communication among partners and the assembly.

Officials of Empowerment for Life program (E4Life) gave the advice at Sang in the Mion district during an interaction with some heads of departments and development partners re-introduce DPP.

E4Life program Technical Advisor on Education, Alhaji Abdul Karim Alhassan Mohammed, underscored the importance of governance structure like DPP to a new district such as  Mion if it really wants to compete favorably with other districts in the region. He reiterated E4lfe commitments to ensuring the successful implementation of the platform.

Technical advisor on governance, Philip Gbambi, entreated the assembly embraces DPP adding it will help them as part of their mandate to coordinate the developmental activities of the district.

The DPP, according to Mr Philip, can be used to enhance citizen’s participation and also help both the assembly and development partners to avoid duplication of activities. Programs Manager of E4Life, Sylvanus Adukpo explained that the program will build institutional capacity including Community Based Organizations (CBOs) and Civil Society Organizations’ capacity to perform their functions.  

Assistant Director of Mion district assembly, Sumani Abdallah, described the DPP as a good platform for development partners to work in a more coordinated manner.

He said government alone cannot address the problems confronting the people and any support from NGOs is good news. 

The management of E4Life program is currently holding meetings with district chief executives and some heads of departments and development partners on DPP concept in the six beneficiary districts in the Northern Region. 

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