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Northern Regional House of Chiefs elect Yaa Naa as its president


Ndan  Ya Na Abukari  II has been elected as the new president of the Northern Regional house of chiefs.
The Northern Regional Director of Electoral Commission Mr Lucas Yiriyel who conducted  the process announced to the house that,  Ndan Ya Na was nominated unopposed and was subsequently sworn in.

Yoo -Naa Abdulai V and Mion-Lana Abdulai II

The house has also  selected five members  as representatives to the national house of chiefs. They are; Kumbun Na, Alhaji Iddrisu Abu II, Sagnari Naa, Ambassador Yakubu Abdulai, Sonsung Na  Shani Amidu, Nakpable-Bore Gariba Yankosor II and Bakpa Naa Adam Natogmah.

The new members sworned in has four years mandate to steer the affairs of the house. They were sworn into office by the Tamale High Court Judge,His Lordship Richard Kojyapwoh at the forthcourt of the Northern Regional House of chiefs in Tamale.
The house has been reconstituted with all committees put in place.
The new president elect Ya Na Abukari Mahama in his acceptance speech called on members of the house to support carry out the business of the house in the next four years. 
The Dagbon overlord pledge to ensure smooth running of the house.

Nanton -Naa Mahamudu Bawa

The house was however not able to elect the president due to what the electoral commission director said technical reasons.
The newly constituted Northern Regional House of Chiefs is made up of twenty three members from the Dagbong Traditional Council and nine members from the Nanung Traditional Council.
The Standing Committee is chaired by the Kuga Na Adam II. The Research and Traditional Affairs Committee is chaired by the Sagneri-Naa Ambassador Yakubu Abdulai.

Kumbun Naa , Gushee Naa and Tolon Naa

The Governance and Development Committee is chaired by the Nanton-Naa Mahamadu V and finally the External Affairs Committee, chaired by Kar-Naa Natogmah.

The election and reconstitution of the house became necessary after  North East and Savannah Regions have been carved out of Northern region.
The two new regions are also in the process of constituting their house of chiefs in line with the new Lesgilative Instrument LI,(2409) passed by parliament.

YooAbdulai V

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