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NR: Fix our roads or risk loosing our votes, residents of Kunyevila threatens


The people of Kunyevila have threatened to vote against the ruling party if it fails to fix their roads before December 7.

They say the bad roads are affecting the economic activities of the community and as well as pose danger to commuters.

Speaking to Zaa News team during a visit to the community, the assemblymember for the Shishegu-Kunyevila electoral area Yahaya Yussif, says people in Kunyevila cannot access roads leading to the center of the city whenever it rains.

He said they will have to endure the pain of passing through Dungu to Lamashegu before they can get to town. ‘’Sometimes when it rains people in Kunyevila cannot even access the roads to town again, they have to pass through Dungu and Lamashegu before they go to town’’.   

He indicates the situation can be terrible that the road can be separated and residents will be forced to stay at home rather than working productively to cater for their families.

According to him, residents find it difficult accessing health care due to the deplorable nature of the roads. 

A member of the community who spoke on condition of anonymity said it is only during election time that they receive attention from the government.

He said successive parties have always abandoned them as soon as they win elections. According to him, they are predominantly farmers and the nature of the road is hindering the transportation of foodstuffs.

He has appealed to city authorities to heed to their call. The assembly member also complained about the lack of health facilities in the community.

He said residents’ access health care service at Tamale Central and West hospitals in the capital city. ‘’We access health care in Tamale West and Central hospital, and sometimes God’s Care health center at Kasalgu, but we need help from people’’.

This he indicates is a worry to the community members. He has therefore called on government, Non- governmental organizations and philanthropists to come to their aid.

Meanwhile the Chief of Kunyevila, Alhassan Adam has appealed to benevolent organizations to support the community with a toilet facility.

According to him, the absence of a toilet facility is a recipe for disaster as residents resort to open defecation. The Kunyevila community has about three thousand houses, but there is no toilet facility.

The Chief made the appeal when the Zaa News team visited the community to ascertain the developmental challenges confronting residents.

The Chief also wants the government to fix the age-long bad roads as well as work on the water situation in the area.

By: Lilian Walter

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